Go Beyond

Sat, November 7, 2020 - 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST

Our goal is to enkindle the faith of women to grow, inspire a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and ignite a desire to fulfill their call and vocation with the Church.

This year's conference features Liv Harrison as the keynote speaker for the English version and Rita Martinez for the Spanish one.

  • Liv Harrison – Keynote Speaker (English) Liv is known for being a professional speaker and emcee with a gift for humor, storytelling, and wisdom. People are her passion. She connects with everyone from junior high students to seasoned adults.
  • Rachel Bulman – Emcee (English) She is an author, blogger, and speaker. Rachel has been Catholic since 2008. She was raised in the evangelical Assemblies of God denomination. After college, she met her now-husband Jason and was exposed to the Catholic Church. She attended her first Mass and fell in love with the beauty of the sacred Mass, and often describes it as finding “home”.
  • Rita Martinez – Principal Conferenciante Rita es la consultora de ventas a nivel nacional de la Editorial Sadlier para Estrategias Catequéticas. Tiene amplia experiencia en el campo catequético habiendo ejercido cargos como Directora de Educación Religiosa, Pastoral Juvenil y maestra de escuela católica.
  • Lydia Britton – Maestra de Ceremonias Como directora experimentada de liturgia, música y catequesis, Lydia Britton ha pasado los últimos 25 años trabajando en parroquias y escuelas dentro de la Diócesis de Orlando para llevar un amor más profundo a Cristo y comprensión de la liturgia al corazón de los fieles.

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