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In the picture with Jesus-Mary School director, Met Leny Laguerre, are three of the happy solar lamp winners and the winner of the one soccer ball -- (l to r) Martial Lickenson 3rd  gr.,  Maslin Osse 4th gr., Theresias Woodley 5th gr. and Bernard Evda 3rd gr.  Lickenson's neighborhood, near the RJM's house, does not have access to electricity even if families could afford it.  He said the children in his house were very happy to see he had won a solar lamp.  Maslin who won the soccer ball lives in Twapoto where there is a small soccer field.  Maslin said now instead of playing with a ballon wrapped in string, he and his friends have a real soccer ball.  Woodley told Met Leny that his grandfather was so happy that he had won the the solar lamp because now he could listen to the news on the radio.  Evda said now in the evening she can study and listen to music.  She and the other winners thank our raffle donors: Michele Hartigan and Fr. Barthelemy Garcon for 13 solar lamps and Denise and Bob Snyder's son for the ball.

The 7th Millennium Development Goal is to ensure environmental sustainability.  Most of our Jesus-Mary School students do not have access to electricity.  When they and their families experience the advantages of solar energy, maybe when the day comes that they have a voice in determining whether or not to produce electricity with coal, heavy oil / diesel or solar, they will push for the much cleaner and more sustainable SOLAR energy.  In the meantime there are 13 more houses with light at night.  A child draws Evda Bernard's name for a solar lamp.

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